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Dedicated to Commercial Construction

As experienced builders we know that commercial construction and home building are different. Peak Venture Group is singularly focused on adding value and delivering results for non-owner occupied construction. We understand the unique challenges of building in the Rocky Mountain region, and our team manages the entire process from pre-construction through completion ensuring your project meets budget and exceeds expectations.


We pride ourselves on delivering high quality commercial contracting & project management that protects your investment.

General Contracting

Our commercial contracting services go beyond creative problem solving, staying on time and within budget. We want to build a lasting relationship and earn your trust. We specialize in non-owner occupied builds and offer full-service, licensed contracting for new commercial construction.

Construction Management

Our seasoned professionals oversee all project details, from coordination of trades to budget management and timeline adherence. We pride ourselves on our meticulous planning, clear communication, and diligent supervision, ensuring that your project always moves forward. We’re also experienced consultants offering owner’s representation. 

Public Works

Our team ensures that your public works project is executed with the highest standards of quality and integrity. We prioritize safety and community resulting in projects that contribute positively to the areas we serve.

We Build Better Outcomes

You have a vision, we bring it to fruition the Peak Way. With our proven process, transparent communication, and quality assurance we do it right and deliver your desired outcome the first time. Every project we build is orchestrated with precision and excellence is not negotiable. Working with Peak Venture Group means your results will be nothing short of exceptional.

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